what comes first girls or girl's?


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8 months ago

To determine whether "girls" or "girl's" comes first, we need to consider the context in which they are used.

"Girls" is the plural form of the word "girl," referring to more than one girl. For example, "The girls went to the park."

On the other hand, "girl's" is the possessive form of the word "girl," indicating ownership or association of something with a girl. For example, "The girl's book was left on the table."

In terms of alphabetical order, "girls" comes before "girl's" because the possessive form, denoted by the apostrophe and the letter 's', is added after the plural form. So in a list of words or phrases, "girls" would appear before "girl's" in alphabetical order.

Keep in mind that this explanation applies specifically to the order of these two words in alphabetical lists. In terms of their grammatical usage and meaning, "girls" and "girl's" serve different purposes and are not directly compared in the same way.

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