In the following sentence:

"These beginning songs are not my favorite part of the album, but I feel that each play an important role in the album."

Would "play" have to be "plays." I know that each is a singular pronoun, but are we referring to the songs or to each? Does that make sense? I say "plays."

Anyone know?


Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Actually the subject is each (each ONE) and that's the reason for "plays."

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8 months ago

In the given sentence, the verb "play" should be changed to "plays." Here's the explanation:

To determine whether the verb should be "play" or "plays," you need to identify the subject of the sentence. In this case, the subject is "each." When using the word "each" as a pronoun, it is always singular.

Since "each" is singular, the verb that follows it should also be singular. Therefore, "play" should be changed to "plays" to match the singular subject.

To recap, "plays" is the correct form of the verb in the sentence because it agrees with the singular subject "each."

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