i need to know how congress was corrupted between 1880-1900!

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8 months ago

To understand how Congress was corrupted between 1880-1900, you can examine historical records, books, and articles that discuss this period. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you gather relevant information:

1. Start with a general overview: Begin by reading about the political climate, major events, and key figures during the late 19th century. Look for books or articles on American political history or the Gilded Age, which was characterized by rapid economic growth, industrialization, and political corruption.

2. Research the major scandals: Take note of significant corruption scandals during this time period, such as the Credit Mobilier scandal (1872) and the Whiskey Ring scandal (1875). These incidents provide insights into the ways in which Congress was corrupted.

3. Explore lobbying and corporate influence: Investigate the role of lobbying and corporate influence in shaping legislation and Congressional decisions during this era. It is important to study how certain industries or wealthy individuals may have utilized their power to manipulate the legislative process.

4. Study the political machines: Examine the impact of political machines during this time period. These organizations were known for using political clout, patronage networks, and bribes to maintain power. Investigate well-known political machines such as Tammany Hall in New York City and the Pendergast machine in Kansas City.

5. Analyze historic sources: Dive into primary sources, such as contemporary newspapers, congressional records, and personal accounts, to gain firsthand insights into the corrupt activities that occurred during this time.

6. Understand the legislative process: To fully comprehend the corruption that took place, familiarize yourself with the workings of Congress at the time. This includes understanding the committee system, the role of party politics, and the process of passing legislation.

By following these steps, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how Congress was corrupted between 1880-1900. Remember to critically analyze the information you find, as historical interpretations may vary.

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