I don't understand any of the information you gave me to solve the problem.

Ok, write the two equations ( I did one). Now graph them. Where do they cross?

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8 months ago

I apologize if my previous explanations were unclear. I can certainly assist you in solving the problem. To solve a system of equations and find their intersection point, you need to follow these steps:

1. Write the two equations: Let's assume you have already written one equation. For example, consider the equation: y = 2x + 3. Now, write your second equation.

2. Graph the equations: To graph the equations, you need to plot multiple points on a coordinate plane and connect them to create a line. Since we have two equations with two variables (x and y), we need a 2D coordinate plane.

a. Choose some values for x: Select a few arbitrary values for x which are easy to work with. For example, you can choose x = 0, 1, and -1.

b. Substitute the chosen values into each equation: Substitute these x-values into both of the equations you wrote, one at a time, to find the corresponding y-values.

c. Plot the points: Plot the points (x, y) on the coordinate plane for both equations using the values obtained from substitution. Repeat this step for all the x-values you have chosen.

d. Connect the points: Once you have plotted multiple points for both equations, connect them to form lines.

3. Find the point of intersection: The point where the two lines intersect corresponds to the solution of the system of equations. Look for the coordinates where the lines intersect on the graph.

If you provide the second equation or any specific equations, I can guide you through the steps and help you find the exact point of intersection on the graph.

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