I have y=5sin(4x-pie/2). I need too find phase shift. I know c/b is shift. This is pie2/4=.392, but does not equal my answer and I don't know direction it should go. Can anyone help?

What do you mean by c/b? What do you mean by pie2/4=.392? What phase shift are you trying to achieve?

My book says c/b = the phase shift, as in y=a sin(bx - c). The question just says find the phase shift of the function.

OK, then PI/8 is the phase shift. c/b

3.14/8=.392 that is in radians. In degrees, it is 70.6 deg.

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8 months ago

To find the phase shift of the function y = 5sin(4x - π/2), you can use the formula c/b, where c represents the phase shift and b is the coefficient of x in the equation.

In this case, b = 4. Since c/b = π/2, you need to divide π/2 by 4:

π/2 / 4 = π/8

So the phase shift is π/8.

You mentioned that your answer doesn't match π/8 when you calculated c/b as π/4. It seems that there might be confusion in your calculation. π/4 is not equal to π/8. In decimal form, π/8 is approximately 0.3927, not 0.7854.

To convert π/8 from radians to degrees, you multiply by 180/π:

(π/8) * (180/π) = 22.5 degrees

Therefore, the phase shift is approximately 0.3927 radians or 22.5 degrees.

Remember to double-check your calculations to ensure accuracy.

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