What is carbon cycling?


A thing made out of carbon. It is in a shape like a circle.

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16 years ago

need photos i am here.

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5 years ago

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8 months ago

Carbon cycling refers to the movement and transformation of carbon between different reservoirs in the Earth's system, including the atmosphere, oceans, land, and living organisms. It is a natural process that plays a crucial role in maintaining the planet's carbon balance and regulating the Earth's climate.

To understand carbon cycling in detail, I recommend referring to reputable sources such as scientific articles or educational websites. One such resource is the link provided above, which is a comprehensive online Chemistry textbook from Elmhurst College. It explains the various forms of carbon, the different carbon reservoirs, and the processes involved in carbon cycling.

By studying the carbon cycle, you will learn about fundamental concepts like photosynthesis, respiration, decomposition, and human activities such as burning fossil fuels, which contribute to an imbalance in the cycle. Understanding carbon cycling is essential for comprehending global carbon budgets, climate change, and the impacts of human activities on the environment.

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