Monistic means what?

I don't even understand the definition

Monistic means a theory or point of view that attempts to explain everything in terms of a single principle

To understand the meaning of "monistic" more thoroughly, let's break it down step by step:

1. Start with the term "monism." Monism is a philosophical concept that holds that all aspects of reality can be explained by a single principle or substance. It is the opposite of dualism, which suggests that there are two separate and distinct substances or principles.

2. From "monism," we derive the adjective form "monistic." This word describes something that pertains to or reflects the concept of monism.

So, when we say that something is "monistic," we mean that it is related to the idea that everything can be explained by one overarching principle or substance. For example, in the context of philosophy or metaphysics, a monistic perspective would propose that there is only one ultimate reality or fundamental substance that underlies all phenomena.

Now, if you encounter difficult terms or concepts like this in the future, it might be helpful to break them down into their component parts and explore the definitions of each part.