Seawater of average salinity freezes at about:

a. 32 degrees F
b. 0 degrees C
c. -2 degrees C
d. -10 degrees F
I think it's -2 degrees C but want to be sure. Please check for me. Thanks

That's right. The freezing temp of sea water is given in that last wikipedia reference I gave you. If I remember correctly it is -1.6 degrees so -2 would be the correct answer.

okoye Victoria okoye Victoria answered
10 years ago

think is 3.98 degrees pls i don't known it help me 2 check

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
7 months ago

To confirm the freezing temperature of seawater, we can look it up to be sure. Let me quickly search for the freezing temperature of seawater.

A reliable source to consult is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). According to NOAA, the freezing point of seawater, on average, is approximately -1.9 degrees Celsius or 28.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Given the options provided, option c: -2 degrees Celsius is the closest match to the freezing temperature of seawater. Therefore, it is indeed the correct answer.

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