The oldest evidence for the beginings of a culture comes from?

What do you mean by "culture"? By some definitions, the first cultures developed in Africa. However, the first civilization originated in Sumer in Mesopotamia (now Iraq) about 3200 B.C. This beginning was closely followed by the Indus River and Egyptian civilizations.

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Culture refers to the beliefs, customs, practices, and behaviors that are characteristic of a particular group of people. The oldest evidence for the beginnings of a culture comes from archaeological findings that provide insights into the practices and behaviors of ancient societies.

To find out the oldest evidence for the beginnings of a culture, you can start by conducting research using reputable sources. One such source could be the website mentioned, which is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a user-edited platform that provides general information on various topics, including ancient civilizations and cultures.

By visiting the provided Wikipedia link (, you will be able to access an article that explores the concept of civilization and provides a historical overview of its development. This article discusses the origins of civilizations in different regions of the world, such as Sumer, Indus River, and Egypt, which are believed to have been among the earliest civilizations to emerge.

The article also mentions other potential regions where early cultures might have developed, such as Africa. It is important to note that the exact dating and understanding of the oldest evidence for the beginnings of a culture is subject to ongoing archaeological research and discoveries, so new information may emerge over time.

In summary, to find the oldest evidence for the beginnings of a culture, you can research reputable sources, such as this Wikipedia article, that provide historical insights into the origins and development of ancient civilizations.

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