i just read in the Editorial Section of the New York Times about Uinted States Losing the Good War.. You know where i can find more information on this? Every where i look its the same exact article. Where is it written not the same way but talking about the same thing?

go to CNN it would give u more info

What do i search? It gives me no results when i search Losing the Good War on cnn.

Studs Terkel wrote a book: The Good War.

Gennerally "the Good War" means World War II.

The term may now be being used to allude to the idea that the current wars were somehow percieved as "Good", and the change of that perception or "Losing" the "Goodness' of it. which war does the article mention?

I looked a few places for "losing the good war" and found nothing.

I found the editorial you mentioned. I believe this is the first use of the term in discussion of the Afganastan conflict. Look at the sources at the bottom of the page and, write to the author of the peice.

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8 months ago

To find more information on the topic of United States losing the "Good War," you can try searching for related articles or opinion pieces on other reputable news websites such as CNN. However, if you are having trouble finding different articles with a similar perspective, it might be because this particular viewpoint is not widely covered by multiple sources.

In situations like this, it can be helpful to try and understand the context of the term "Good War" and how it is being used in the article you read. You mentioned that Studs Terkel wrote a book called "The Good War," which refers to World War II. However, the article you mentioned may be using the term metaphorically to suggest that the perception of the current wars being "good" has changed, and the United States is now losing that perception.

If you are unable to find specific articles discussing the same topic in a different way, I would recommend looking at the sources mentioned at the bottom of the article or reaching out to the author directly. You can often find contact information for authors on the publication's website or by conducting a quick search. Writing to the author can help you gain further insights or find additional resources related to the topic.

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