What is the formula for an oxide of fluorine?

F2O2 also written as O2F2

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8 months ago

The correct formula for an oxide of fluorine is actually OF2, not F2O2 or O2F2.

To determine the formula of an oxide of fluorine, it's important to consider the valence or oxidation states of the elements involved. Fluorine (F) is a highly electronegative element and usually has an oxidation state of -1 in compounds. Oxygen (O), on the other hand, typically has an oxidation state of -2.

To balance the charges, we need to have two fluoride ions (F-) and one oxygen atom (O2-) in the compound. Therefore, the formula is OF2, with oxygen as the central atom and two fluorine atoms bonded to it.

Remember, it's always helpful to refer to a reliable source, such as a chemistry textbook or reputable websites, to confirm the formula and properties of chemical compounds.

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