I am doing a science project on the "Effect of humidity on the hair of mammals?" that's my topic. Now my teacher wants me to make outline but first I have to make up questions on my topic.....

Can you help me make up 2 questions for this topic?

-Thanks a lot from Kerstin =)

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You might consider the following:
1. How much humidity from the air adheres to mammal hair? Measuring RH in the air is easy; how will you do it in the hair?
2. What effects or changes will you look for and evaluate in the hair? They could be glossiness, snarling, water resistance, and the like. You'll have to measure these characteristics too, and correlate with the humidity in the hair, then air.
Good luck; it's both quantitative and qualitative data in your project.

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8 months ago

Certainly! Here are two questions that you can use for your science project on the effect of humidity on the hair of mammals:

1. How does humidity affect the moisture content of mammal hair?
To answer this question, you could collect hair samples from different mammals and expose them to varying levels of humidity. Then, measure and compare the moisture content of the hair samples using methods such as weighing or using a moisture meter.

2. What physical changes occur in mammal hair under different humidity conditions?
For this question, you can observe and document any visible changes in the hair samples as humidity levels change. This could include changes in glossiness, snarling, water resistance, or other observable characteristics. You can then rate or score these changes to determine the extent of the effect.

Remember to consider the quantitative and qualitative data collection methods mentioned by your teacher. Good luck with your science project, Kerstin!

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