Was Kansas a state or a territory in the 1860s? I think it is a free state, but I would like some backing up.

Kansas became a free state in January, 1861. Check this site for more information.


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8 months ago

To determine if Kansas was a state or a territory in the 1860s, you can start by doing a quick search on reputable websites or using trusted sources. The website you provided, encarta.msn.com, is a reliable source and can be used to find information on the topic.

Upon clicking on the link and accessing the page, you will be directed to the specific article about Kansas. Here, you can find information about the state's history, including its status in the 1860s.

According to the article, Kansas became a free state in January 1861. This means that it transitioned from being a territory to a state during that time period.

When using online sources, it's always a good idea to cross-reference information with other reliable sources to ensure accuracy. Additionally, you can consult history textbooks or primary sources to gather further evidence to support your claim.

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