What is dy/dx of

y=12/12X-y^3 ????

Any idea anyone???

y=12/12X-y^3 I assume you mean...



12x dy/dx + 12y -4y^3 dy/dx=0

dy/dx (12x -4y^3)=-12y
solve for dy/dx

To solve for dy/dx, we need to isolate it in the equation. Let's rearrange the equation:

dy/dx(12x - 4y^3) = -12y

Now, divide both sides by (12x - 4y^3):

dy/dx = -12y / (12x - 4y^3)

Therefore, the derivative dy/dx of the given function y = 12/(12x - y^3) is -12y / (12x - 4y^3).

Now, let's move on to the process of solving for dy/dx.