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Here is the question:
How many teenagers smoke in ontario? (as recent year as you can find)

20.7 teenagers

Thank you Sam!! :)

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8 months ago

Hello again!

To find out how many teenagers smoke in Ontario, we need to look for recent data or statistics on teenage smoking rates in the province.

One reliable source to find this information is government websites or health organizations that collect data on smoking habits.

For example, you could visit the website of the Government of Ontario or the Ministry of Health and look for their latest reports on smoking rates among teenagers.

Once you find the relevant report or study, it should provide you with the most recent data on teenage smoking rates in Ontario, including the number or percentage of teenagers who smoke.

In the previous response, you mentioned the number "20.7 teenagers." It seems to be a specific figure, but without the source or context, it's difficult to determine if this number is the most recent data or the exact number of teenagers who smoke in Ontario.

Therefore, I recommend visiting credible sources, such as government or health organization websites, to find the most accurate and up-to-date information on teenage smoking rates in Ontario.

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