i can figure this out


i try inverse but im still getting it wrong ive been stuck on this fo awhile

There is no inverse in the equation.
the |...| means absolute value. We perform what is indicated in the |,,| and that is +1. The absolute value of this is 1 (if the answer had been -1 the absolute value still is 1). Then
-2+(+1) = -1. The absolute value of anything is the value of the number ignoring the sign.

Anonymous Anonymous answered
5 years ago

Anything in an absolute value will become positive after computing, or alone

==> |-6|=6
so then...
-2+|-5+6|= -2+1 = -1
Your answer is -1

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
7 months ago

To solve the expression -2+|-5+6|, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Start by evaluating the expression inside the absolute value: |-5+6|.
2. Simplify the inside of the absolute value by performing the addition: |-5+6| is equal to |1|.
3. The expression inside the absolute value simplifies to 1. Since the absolute value of any number is the value of the number ignoring the sign, |1| is equal to 1.
4. Now, substitute the simplified absolute value back into the original expression: -2+1.
5. Perform the addition: -2+1 is equal to -1.

Therefore, the answer to -2+|-5+6| is -1.

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