HELP! I need to know what the Latin meaning of Rectus femoris, Subscapularis, Masseter, and Tibialis anterior are!!!!

I'ma doing a matching sheet, these are the meaning to choose from: Chewing, Under the scapular, Straight of the femur, in front of the tibia.

Someone must know!!! HELPS ME!

Rectus femoris - Straight of the femur
Subscapularis - Under the scapular
Masseter - Chewing
Tibialis anterior - in front of the tibia

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To find the Latin meanings of the words you mentioned, you can break down the terms and analyze their components.

1. Rectus femoris: "Rectus" means "straight" in Latin, and "femoris" refers to the femur bone. So, the Latin meaning of "Rectus femoris" is "Straight of the femur."

2. Subscapularis: "Sub" means "under" in Latin, and "scapularis" refers to the scapula, which is commonly known as the shoulder blade. Therefore, the Latin meaning of "Subscapularis" is "Under the scapular."

3. Masseter: "Masseter" is a muscle responsible for chewing, and interestingly, its Latin name is also "Masseter."

4. Tibialis anterior: "Tibialis" refers to the tibia bone, and "anterior" means "in front of" in Latin. Consequently, the Latin meaning of "Tibialis anterior" is "In front of the tibia."

Remember, understanding the components of the words and their Latin roots can help decipher their meanings. If you encounter similar situations in the future, try breaking down the terms to comprehend their significance better.