Then he says, slow and scornful:

"The idea of you lynching anybody! It's amusing. The idea of you thinking you had pluck enough to lynch a man! Because you're brave enough to tar and feather poor friendless cast-out women that come along here, did that make you think you had grit enough to lay your hands on a man? Why a man's safe in the hands of ten thousands of your kind--as long as it's daytime and you're not behind him."
"Do I know you?" I know you clear through. I was born and raised in the South, and I've lived in the North; so I know the average all around. The average man's a coward. In the North he lets anbody walk over him that wants to, and goes home and prays for a humble spirit to bear it. In the South one man, all by himself, has stopped a stage full of men in the daytime, and robbed the lot. Your newspapers call you a brave people so much that you think you are braver than any other people--whereas you're just as brave, no braver. Why don't your juries hang murderers? Because they're afraid the man's friends will shoot them in the back, in the dark--and it's just what they would do.

1. An explicit comparison is made between "the man's friends" and:
(A) "cast-out women"
(B) "your kind"
(C) "a stage full of men"
(D) "a brave people"
(E) "murderers"

I think it's either b or d

I would choose B... remember this is pure irony.


Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
8 months ago

To determine the correct answer, let's analyze the passage and the comparison being made. The speaker is criticizing the notion of lynching and questioning the bravery of the individuals involved. They remark that these individuals may feel brave enough to mistreat "cast-out women," but that does not mean they have the courage to lynch a man.

The speaker then proceeds to compare "the man's friends" to another group to highlight their cowardice. The comparison used is: "a man's safe in the hands of ten thousands of your kind." This implies that the "man's friends" are being compared to the general population, or "your kind."

Therefore, the correct answer is (B) "your kind."

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