Is a dozen dozen equals to 24?

wouldn't a dozen dozen be 144?

and 144 is a gross.

a dozen is 12
a dozen is 12
so isnt that 24?

When you say double double such as in coffee. You want two milk and two sugar. That's four.

So wouldnt dozen dozen be 12 and 12?


A gross is a dozen dozens.

No...I think that it would be 144... you were right

line up 12 boxes. In each box you have a dozen eggs. So you have a dozen boxes each containing a dozen eggs. How many eggs will there be in all the boxes together?
In your example you multiplied 2x2 to get four. It just happens that 2 + 2 also is 4. 12 x 12 = 144.

I still don't understand. So dozen dozen is 144. 12*12? So triple triple would be nine?

Thank-you everyone. This really helps. =)

And a gross is 144 somethings. So a dozen dozen is a gross. That's gross, arrgh!!

I have a question:

How would you solve this?

a dozen dozen apples at half a dozen dimes a dozen?

In this cause is dozen 12? And half a dozen dimes in 60 cents?

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8 months ago

To solve the problem "a dozen dozen apples at half a dozen dimes a dozen," we need to break it down step by step:

1. Let's start by clarifying the quantities mentioned:
- A dozen is equal to 12.
- Half a dozen is equal to 6.
- A dime is equal to 10 cents.

2. "A dozen dozen apples" means 12 times 12 apples, which is equal to 144 apples.

3. "Half a dozen dimes a dozen" means 6 times 10 cents (or dimes) times 12 (or a dozen). So, half a dozen dimes a dozen equals 60 cents.

4. Finally, we multiply the number of apples (144) by the price per apple (60 cents) to find the total cost. So, 144 apples multiplied by 60 cents equals $86.40.

Therefore, a dozen dozen apples at half a dozen dimes a dozen would cost $86.40.

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