I need to do a small research project on "Popular plays in London, in the 1800's". I looked on google, but they didn't really help me. Does anyone know any websites where I could find some info? If you do, it would REALLY help;) tHaNkS!


Here's a place to start. Wander through the links for the dramatists and see what you find.

I put victorian theater in the search box at www.google.com to find this. There are others.


One website you could try for information on popular plays in London in the 1800s is the Victorian Web (http://www.victorianweb.org/mt/mtov.html). This website provides information on Victorian theater and has links to various dramatists that you can explore for more information.

To find this website, you can search for keywords like "victorian theater" in a search engine like Google (www.google.com). By entering these keywords in the search box, you should be able to find relevant websites and resources to help you with your research project.

Remember to critically evaluate the information you find on websites by considering the credibility and expertise of the sources. Additionally, you can also explore other sources such as books, academic journals, and libraries for more in-depth information on the topic.