i have to do an assesment about sound. i have to include the big idea of energy. i have no clue what it is! HHEELLPP MMEE!!

What do you mean when you say "the big idea of energy"?

I know that sound is created by vibrations, but I'm not sure that's exactly what you are looking for.

i have no clue of what the big idea of energy is please plese help me becouse i have to do an asessment on the iron and silpher reaction and it askes me to explain what the big idea of energy is.

LOL, your teacher must be using the same stupid text book as mine. It's always going on about the big idea of energy and I have no clue what it is either, and I'm just doing the Iron and Sulpher homework too. Did you get the even more stupid homework on the EAr defenders. AGGHHHHHHHHHH!

The total off energy and matter in the universe is constant, but that energy and matter are equivalent and can be interchanged-

And how i translated that from geekspeak was that energy and matter are kinda like twins that change place, and that everything in the universe is constant and on going-if that didn't help much i totally understand-i didn't understand it for the first 3 years.

this makes no sense....i got a whole sheet on this and i don't get any of it someone plz help me out!!!

Energy can't be made or destroyed, just changed from one type to another. When something burns, you aren't making energy, just changing it from chemical (stored in the wood) to heat and light (the flame).

Hope this answers your question, but you are right. Those sheets really suck.

WOW thanks this helps a lot :) i just don't get how you figured this out... lol

Oh, I think I get now....

Yay, now I can finish my project!

i dnt gerrit and i need 2 do it on my hw 2-magnesium & oxegen


i get da big idea of energy but nothin else 2 do wit ma hw! magnesium burning!

it is that it cant be created or destroyed it just transforms from one form to another

Hi i have no idea what t do i have to use the big idea of energy to explain how energy flows through the food chains in the rock pool HELP ME"!!!!!


my science teacher is so annoying she gives us all this stupid homework on the big idea of energy and she never explains it and i'm also tryin to find out for de sulphur iron thing !!!!!!!!

thx ssssssssssssoooooooooo much brainbox it really helped

I still don't get how it has to do with burning magnesium.

Would it be that:

1)A lot of chemical inside it changes to a big bright flash of light

2)Something like that

3)Or something to do with joining with Oxygen to make magnesium oxide

This is for tomorrow help!!!

Help!!!!!!!!!!!see above for more details.

Okay don't get sooooooo mega stressed its only homework! but i can TOTALLY understand yor point! Ive got to do about ear defenders and include the big idea on energy and i surfed like the WHOLE net and cant find a single thing on it!

The big idea of energy is when a plant uses photosynthesis to get energy from the sun. The animal that eats this plant gets some of that energy transferred. Then the animal that eats that animal gets some of that energy...

Have you done food webs yet? The arrows on a food chain or a food web stand for the direction in which energy is being transferred.

Woah! I have impressed myself with how much i know! :P

Hope I can help =]

omg!! lol i got da ear defenders hw now!! ive gt no idea ov wat 2 do!! HELP!!





don' fikin ask me!


the big idea of energy......more like the **** idea of energy.

i don't have a clue and im supposed to do a project about it and no one can help me and my teacher just keeps telling me to read this sheet thing but it doesnt tell me anything!

sammeeeeeeeee!!!! wtf is the big idea of energy???!!!

i got to answer dis question too and i very confused by it

this is ridiculous what are those stupid teachers thinking!? I have a piece of homework on Bioligy + Habitats and none of us in my class know what the stupid thing is either!

The big idea of energy transfer is the idea of a source of energy being changed into another form of energy such as light energy to heat energy. This effect happens in global warming were chemical energy is transfered into heat energy with a greenhouse effect. This effect also happens in a food chain as the producers of the plant get energy from the sun through photosynthesis. The energy is then transferred to the consumer (animal/human) which has eaten the plant. During this flow of energy, only a certain percentage of energy is transferred to the consumer.

Hope this helps with your assignemnt.


Im doing homework on burning magnesium, so mp something simular to everyone else but heres some help:- the big of idea is like the particles reacting like magnesium and oxygen to form magnesium oxide, so the particles of both reactants (magnesium & oxygen) have collided to form magnesium oxide and also when they collide they give off heat, and thas the big idea of energy, i hope this helps (:


energy cant be created or destroyed it just passes from 1 thing 2 the other

i feel like such a nerd

omg.. v also had to do that ear defender thing and i got a level 4.. lol. anyways now v have to do the iron and sulphur reacton and i am stuck on the big idea of energy :( Help pls

my teacher has given me that stupid sheet on the iron and sulphur reaction :@ argghhhhhh

i have a sheet about what happens when a candle is alight and all about the chemical and physical changes and the homework sheet level ladder says that you have to explain both changes using the big idea of energy. NOWHERE NOWHERE CAN I FIND ANYTHING ON THE BIG IDEA OF ENERGY! HELP!

still don't get it lol.

i dun all those hws, iv had enuff of these big idea

my iron and sulphur project is due in tomorrow. luckily iv finished it but i still don't fully understand the big idea of energy

): x

if you know what the big idea of energy is please can you tell me?? i will tell you stuff about magnesium burning =]



i got the annoying iron and sulphur 1 :(

OK ok im a little lucky i have the same magnesium homework too ! it is SO confusing and tbh i just copied you're thign aobut the big enery because im donig the level 6 parts and im going for a level 7 !

uhmm the big of idea is like the particles reacting like magnesium and oxygen to form magnesium oxide, so the particles of both reactants (magnesium & oxygen) have collided to form magnesium oxide and also when they collide they give off heat :D I COPIED IT :) ITS JSUT AN EXAMPLE.

thanx 4 all ur help

my mad teacher gave us homework on a experiment we havnt even done!!!!! HHHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP

It's a very tough answer but it is no created

i got sulphur and iron for tomorrow and no idea what it is!!!! help me??? please???

i got journey of a cheese sandwich hwk and to get lvl 7 (i'm in yr 8) i have to explain how cells use food using the big idea of energy. pls help! why is it not on wikipedia?

i need help with my time i do not understand time can you ples help me

i am supposed to be doing a test on iron and sulphur and i have to write about the big idea of energy WHEN OUR TEACHER HASNT EVEN TAUGHT IT TO US.

I am sooo gonna get a low mark.

OK - The big Idea of energy.

Energy can never be destroyed - it simply changes it's state.

So for instance energy can be stored in the form of magnesium and then burnt. The energy then changes it's state into heat, light and sound.

Similarly an animal could consume food and turn this into energy in the form of stored(potential) energy, movement(kinetic) or sound, heat light etc.

lol i have da ear defenders hw to i have no clue wat to do it is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg i have this homework where i have to explain the reaction using the big idea of energy its a load of !**!*!^

Are you guys stupid? Nobody cares if you don't know. You don't need 50 differant people saying "I don't know this. I don't know that". This is basic science and you people can't understand. I suggest you get serious help. Presto! Vamos! Rapido!

Hey just reading up on this, yeah it's funny, ive having the same trouble as well. The iron and sulphur reaction sheet, quite easy, but just this Big idea just got me stumped, I read blings but I still do not know how to convert it into an answer.

HELP im doin it an we only av i day to do it an i need it in english not teacher language please. ps don't worry if ur stuck on it turns out a LOT of others are to i want a level 7 to an im in year 8 please sum one help all of the struggling kids!!

This whole level 6 Big idea of Energy thing is a load of crap. My teacher is making me do lvl 6 and I have no idea what da big Idea of Energy is (or I didn't till i read EELLLLIIIEE's comment, thanks by the way)

it means do your own brief sentence about the reaction

I'm also doing the Iron/Sulpher thing.

I've gotta make a poster and I need to explain the reaction using the Big Idea of Energy but I don't know what it is can any one help???

I don't no what the big idea of energy is but i have a idea its got something to do with energy. lol. I have to find out about how THE BIG IDEA OF ENERGY effects how human cells get food?????


P.S i am also in yr 8 doing journey of a cheese sandwich... lol and im trin to get a lv 7!!!!!!!!

where chu copy it from???????

I Knoooo, I've Been Trying To Fiind Out Thiis Bi Energy Stuff For Agessss, I've Been Surfing The Net For A Whilee Know, && This Is The Onlyy Good Sytee If Found !! I'm Doiing The Earr Defendaas Sheet, && It's Soooooooooo Borring Zzzz x

I Done The Rest, But To Get A Leve 6 & 7 Yuu Have To Write Bout This Energyy Transferr Thingyy.. Thouugh Thanks For All Your Help !! ..x

I Knooooo, I Can't Find Anythiing At All !

Myy Homework Has Gotaa Bee Intaamoroo && I Have Too 'Use Detailed Particle Diagrams Ad The Big Idea Of Energy Transfer To Explain How The Ear Defenders Work'..Zzzz..
Cann Anyyone Help Me ??
Itss Due In Tommoroww !! x
Thankiies (: x

Hey Eelllliiiee x

Were Chu Copyy It From ? x
Ive Surfed The Whoooooole Tinterrnet Lukin For It ! x
&& Thankiies Bling (: x

I Hve Same H/w Lol

But I Didn't Get The Ear Defender Thing?!

If it's any comfort to anyone I have a PhD in physics and I have never heard of the Big Idea of Energy either!

I got the Manesium & oxygen homework and it's got to be in tomorrow . Thamks to you guys I know have done the Big idea thingy Thanks alot I an now back on track and i'm going to get a lvl 7 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

dont get it :S

I don't have a clue what to do with my homewrk i have to write about wot happens wen magnesium burns and it ses i have 2 use the big idea of energy to explain it....PLEASE HELP IT HAS TO BE IN TOMOZ!!!!

Rolo what skool r u from coz i have to do the exact same thing and it has tio be in tomoz???

the big idea of energy is when a form of energy (heat,light, chemical, ect.)

ive got the iron and sulphur sheet and this is what i put:
‘The big idea of energy’ is that energy can’t be created or destroyed and it just changes from one form to another. This happens in this reaction because when we heat the mixture we aren’t creating energy we are simply changing heat energy to chemical energy to hold the iron and sulphur particles together. Thus making the compound known as FeS (iron sulphide/ iron pyrites (fool’s gold)).
sorry if its a bit long =p

OMG LOL i cant believe ur doin the ear defenders homework too!!!!

i am completly stuck too but i do no that the best material for the outside is a nard shiny plastic!!
hope that helps lol!!!

LOL omf this hw is so hard i hav no clue!! im doin a task were u hav 2 include da big idea of energy in digestion HAHA

This whole load of bludy crap!

I'm suposed to go to a grammar school but they don't teach us anything. Now they're telling us to find out what the big idea of energy is!
Adults these days!
AHHHH! CURSE THEM ALL! (Jokes-i luv u really mummy!)
sorry im going on
im just really angry!!!

OMG guys, i thought it was just our stupid school that did the esr defenders thing!!

what on earth is THAT all about?!?!

you lot are crap its where the sulrphur is mixing with the iron and creating sulphur oxide

The Big Idea of Energy is probably what is refered to as the Conservation of Energy which is a rule that states that energy can never be created or destroyed it merely changes forms.

why youu evenn doiinn yoor homeworkk....

i think you well don!

omg i been searchin internet 4eva nd stil couldn't find it. Y don't all u guys do u h/w - not the night b4 - that might help!!!

yh i get 7+ in everythin nyway
but yh thx 4 dis ppl!

I don't understand anything about my homework. im doing the designing the ear defenders on. :S

im doing the same homework ive been researching it all day. ive found that the big idea of energy is finding new ways to make energy or summin like that my homework has to be in on frieday and i have to get a level 7 ha anyone got any ideas about the following...

the reaction between magnesium and oxygen using the big energy idea!
please help by thursday 4th dec.

lol this is so funny.

i just looked the "big idea of energy" up on google and this convo came up
im doing digestion and "the journey of a cheese sandwich"
i have to use the BIG IDEA to say how cells use food
this is helpful though....

we did the journey of a cheese sandwich ...

im doin bowt chemical reactions n i ha no idea either lol lets go kill da teachers. (hope it helps lol)

i hav 2 do it on digestion as wel!!!

no clu! wat so eva!
its lik ' the journey of a cheese sandwich'
any1 dun it!??!

frigiin stupiid cheesze sandwiich ):

they dOnt even teach usz tha stupiid thing =(

OMG ellieeee is right i think i was stuck and all you say is sulphur and the iron fillings collided to make iron sulhphide which is an irreversible prosses, i got 7b yay!

we are doing food webs and my teacher said it is energy passed through one body to another by eating the first thing. i do not get it.i think it is like a rabbit gets energy from grass then the cat gets energy from the rabbit and grass then the fox gets energy from the cat, rabbit and grass. I AM CONFUSED!!!!! :0( :0P TO MY SCIENCE TEACHER!!!!!!!!

answer ur own quewtion rebelllll


I had to do that thing for ear defenders and now for burning magnesium
****U Teacher u aint even explained wt it is!!!!!!

Emily the sun gives the grass energy so then the rabbit eats the grass. Then the energy from the grass has no where to go but the rabbit. Like bananas give us emergy!

Its simple USE YOUR HEAD

We are doing something about magnesium burnin and we need to use the big idea of energy 2. its so hard and its an assessment and i havent a clue what to do! LOL :)

help me with the big energy thing with mg

i don't know either!

what is it

The big idea of energy transfer is the idea of a source of energy being changed into another form of energy such as light energy to heat energy.

Hello I don't know if you could help but i was wandering if you could help me with my L.A.T its due Tuesday 3rd of febuary 2009 ! The question is...

Explain the reaction of Fe+S (Iron+Suplur) using the big idea of energy?
Many Thanks x

what is it? I'm baffled. I am doing it have to include in my essay on the digestive system!!