How do I write the equation for this problem in order to solve it.I can solve it as long as someone shows me how to get the equation.

(1)Science. Solve the following application. Jose rode his trail bike for 10miles. Two-thirds of the distance was over a mountain trail. How long is the mountain trail?

(2)Statistics. In a weekend baseball tournament, Joel had 4hits in 13times at bat. That is , he hit safely 4/13 of the time. Write the decimalequivalent for Joel's hitting, round to three decimal places.(that number is joels batting average)

2/3 of 10=mountain trail distance.

of means times.

divide 4 by 13.


A box holds 24 cans that each have a diameter of 5 inches and a height of 8 inches. Describe a box that would be large enough to hold the cans. Waht is the volume in cubic inches waht is the surface are in square inches.

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To solve the problem and write the equation, you need to understand the given information and what the problem is asking for. Let's break it down step by step:

(1) Science:
The problem states that Jose rode his trail bike for 10 miles, and two-thirds of the distance was over a mountain trail. The task is to determine the length of the mountain trail.

To find the length of the mountain trail, you can set up an equation using the given information. Let's say "x" represents the length of the mountain trail in miles.

Since two-thirds of the 10-mile distance is the mountain trail, you can express this as a fraction:

(2/3) * 10 = x

This equation shows that two-thirds of the total distance, 10 miles, is equal to the length of the mountain trail, represented by "x". By solving this equation, you will find the value of "x" and obtain the length of the mountain trail.

(2) Statistics:
The problem states that Joel had 4 hits in 13 times at bat, and the task is to find Joel's batting average as a decimal value rounded to three decimal places.

To find the batting average, you need to divide the number of hits by the number of times at bat. In this case, Joel had 4 hits out of 13 times at bat.

To write this as an equation, let "BA" represent Joel's batting average:

BA = number of hits / number of times at bat
BA = 4/13

By dividing 4 by 13, you will get the decimal equivalent of Joel's batting average. Remember to round the result to three decimal places.

For the last question about the volume and surface area of the box that holds 24 cans, please specify the dimensions of the cans (diameter, height).

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