ive got 2 questions....what points does Thomas Paine make in the pamhlet, Common Sense?? and what impact did Pain's pamphlet have in the colonies??

This site will give you an analysis of the pamphlet:

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8 months ago

To find the points Thomas Paine makes in the pamphlet Common Sense, you can refer to the provided link and read the analysis on SparkNotes. The analysis will break down the main arguments and points made by Paine in the pamphlet.

To understand the impact of Thomas Paine's pamphlet in the colonies, you can also refer to the provided link. SparkNotes will provide information on the historical context and reception of Common Sense, outlining its influence on revolutionary thinking and its contribution to the movement for American independence.

By reading the SparkNotes analysis, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the key points in Common Sense and its impact on the colonies.

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