Cyrano de Bergerac:

(you don't really have to have read the book)

I have to think of contemporary (modern day) parallels (ie: crimes, political, entertainment, or gossip column news, advertisements, etc.) for each of these characters or events:
(I've been thinking of movies but anything's fine)

*Ragueneau; I was thinking maybe someone from some movie or something who gives up everything for their passion; or doesn't care about money just happiness... something along those lines maybe? or other ideas?

*Hasty wedding of Christian and Roxanne; any hasty wedding you can think of?

*Death of christian; I was thinking maybe someone dies on the battle field or whatever and their lover is all sad and never wants to love again?? (but it's fine if they eventually do)

For Ragueneau, a contemporary parallel could be Mia Dolan, the protagonist in the movie "La La Land." She is a struggling actress who is passionate about her art and pursuing her dreams, despite facing monetar