Can someone give me some ideas on what to narrow my research topic to? My topic is animal testing. My paper has to be 2,000 to 2,500 words including my references. Thanks :)

What about eye testing drugs? That is done a lot, and appears to have no substitute. Most of this testing is to see if the drug could be adverse to humans.

Keep it simple. New drug testing on animals could be called cruelty to animals ; however, animal testing is the fastest method for moving new drug to the consumer market place. -- Now, you can modify this statement or the "hook" which begins with ; however - in order to suit either you point of view or to fit the information you discover during your research into the question of animal testing. In my topic, I eventually will conclude the human beings only benefit by the discovery of new drugs after the new drugs are available for purchase. I then reason that animal testing is a good thing, because its a fastest way to earn FDA approval and market the new drug. -- Your research may turn up contradictory information -- why don't you find it out? Start with the internet. Don't forget to document your sources.

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When it comes to narrowing down your research topic on animal testing, there are a few approaches you can take. Here are some ideas:

1. Investigate the ethics of animal testing: Examine the ethical considerations surrounding animal testing, exploring arguments from both supporters and critics, and determining where you stand on the issue.

2. Analyze the scientific validity of animal testing: Dive into the scientific validity of using animals as models for human testing. Discuss the strengths and limitations of this approach and explore alternative methods that may replace or reduce animal testing in the future.

3. Focus on a specific type of animal testing: For example, as you suggested, you could explore eye testing drugs. Research the purpose and effectiveness of this specific type of animal testing and discuss its implications for human health.

4. Examine the impact of animal testing on medical advancements: Investigate how animal testing has contributed to the development of life-saving drugs and medical treatments. Discuss specific examples and consider potential alternatives that can yield similar results.

5. Explore the regulations and guidelines surrounding animal testing: Investigate the laws, policies, and regulations in place to govern animal testing. Assess their effectiveness in ensuring the ethical treatment of animals and protecting human health.

To narrow down your topic further, consider the specific aspects that interest you the most or align with your stance on the issue. Once you have a more focused topic, you can conduct research using the internet as a starting point. Be sure to evaluate the credibility of your sources and keep track of the references you use for your paper.

Remember, as you conduct your research, you may come across conflicting information or perspectives. It's important to critically evaluate the information you find and form a well-rounded argument based on evidence and logical reasoning.

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