It was...the subject is FOILs,I thought we needed to put what we were doing in the subject...

Subject area needs to be properly stated.

This is not FOIL. That is multiplying of two binaries as in (a+b)(c+d)

Here you are to factor.

take the first:

Take the second:
-y^3*2xy( x -2y ) check that.
-2xy^4 ( x -2y )

You do the last.

Did you see FOIL procedures in my outlined solutions? No.

Foil is for multiplying binaries.

two bicyclists ride in opposite directions. The speed of the 1st bicycle is 5 miles per hour faster than the second. After 2 hours they are 70 miles apart. Find their rates. Please, please, please help me I cannot understand it.

Try rate of first= x
rate of second = x-5

How far did they travel.
#1 traveled d1 = rate*time = x*t
#2 traveled d2 = (x-5)*t
d1 + d2 = 70

So x*t + (x-5)*t = 70 and since t = 2 hrs, then
x*2 + (x-5)*2 = 70
Solve for x and x-5 ??

but on my H.W. it says FOIl Assignment...


if you add two point five to three quarters what will the answer be

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
8 months ago

To add two decimals, like 2.5 and 0.75 in this case, you simply align the decimal points and add the numbers as usual.

+ 0.75

So, if you add 2.5 to 0.75, the answer will be 3.25.

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