In shakespearian language,


so how would you say, "I."


Shakespeare also used "you" often. Answering your question, the first person would be I, and plural, we.

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8 months ago

In Shakespearian language, to say "I," you would still use "I" as the first person singular pronoun. Shakespeare used this pronoun extensively in his works. It is important to note that "thou" (meaning "you") was primarily used when addressing someone in an informal or familiar manner, while "you" was used for formal or respectful address. The pronoun "I" remained consistent regardless of the formality or informality of the conversation.

To recap, in Shakespearian language, "I" is used to refer to oneself and "thou" is used to refer to someone informally as "you." The pronoun "you" was also commonly used in both formal and informal contexts by Shakespeare.

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