The kingston parks and recreation dept. is planning a new that will be 100 yards long and 85 yards wide. The dept. recommended that the trees be planted along the perimeter of the park at equal distances from each other and as far apart as possible. How far apart can the trees be planted?

How many trees?

thats what I was wondering

That's what I was wondering too? I guess they could be as far apart as desired???

Me too???

370 feet away

if we knew the amount of tree we need to plant, then we could have distributed evenly and the distance between them is where the tree can be planted.

okay...That is all the information I was given. I think it is a trick question.

Thank you.

The trees must be as far apart as possible.
The largest number that will evenly divide 85 and 100, permitting equal spacing of the tree around the entire perimeter is 5.
Thus, the spaciing is 5 ft.

The only thing in your problem statement that bothers me is "at equal distances from each other". If, by chance you really mean that each tree is to be the same distance from every other tree around the oerimeter, I believe it is impossible.

Equal, and maximum, spacing from each tree on eitherside of every tree makes more sense.

since it says trees (plural), plant 2

To determine how far apart the trees can be planted, we need to find the greatest common factor (GCF) of the dimensions of the park. In this case, the park is 100 yards long and 85 yards wide.

The GCF of 100 and 85 can be found by listing the factors of each number and finding the largest factor they have in common.

Factors of 100: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100
Factors of 85: 1, 5, 17, 85

The largest factor that 100 and 85 have in common is 5. So, the trees can be planted at a distance of 5 yards apart.

As for the number of trees, that information is not provided. Without knowing the number of trees or any constraints on their arrangement, it is not possible to determine how many trees can be planted or the exact spacing between them.