I need a sentance with the word malign

MALIGN is a parsimony-based alignment method for sequences.

Don't malign me with more of your vicious rumors.

To come up with a sentence that includes the word "malign," you can consider its meaning. "Malign" can be used as a verb, meaning to speak evil of someone or something. Here's how you can construct a sentence with the word:

"Please refrain from maligning others by spreading false accusations."

To generate this sentence, you can follow these steps:

1. Understand the meaning of the word "malign."
2. Identify the part of speech required for your sentence (verb, in this case).
3. Think of a context in which "malign" can be used.
4. Formulate a sentence using the context and the word "malign."

Remember, understanding the meaning and usage of a word is important in creating an appropriate sentence.