I need greek mythological allusions t plant and animals for examplre arachnid comes from arachne and venus fly trap to venus. Any would be apreciated but i mostly need Greek myhtology.

Any help is apreciated and links to websites.


Thank you so much for that.
If anyone has some for animals that would be great to and again thanks so much.

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8 months ago

Certainly! Here are some Greek mythological allusions to plants and animals:

1. Narcissus: In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a beautiful young man who fell in love with his own reflection and eventually turned into a flower that bears his name, the narcissus.

2. Hyacinth: Hyacinth was a young Spartan prince loved by the god Apollo. When Hyacinth died, Apollo transformed his blood into a flower known as the hyacinth.

3. Pegasus: Pegasus was a winged horse in Greek mythology, born from the decapitated head of the monster Medusa. Nowadays, Pegasus is often used to refer to winged horses or as a symbol of speed or majesty.

4. Centaur: In Greek mythology, centaurs were creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. The term "centaur" is now used to refer to anything that is a hybrid or a combination of two different things.

5. Chimera: The Chimera was a mythical creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake. The term "chimera" is often used to describe something that is an illusion or a figment of the imagination.

For more examples and information, you can visit the following website:
- http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1771292

I hope this helps with your exam preparation! Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

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