What is the name of the middle eastern nation? It has to be spelled with letters from Merry Christmas!!!!


Here's a whole list of them, plus some maps to click on. Choose what you need.


Ithinl it would be Syria is that correct? = )


how can i find a map on english and ducht explores?

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8 months ago

To find a map of English and Dutch explorers, you can use an online search engine like Google. Start by typing in keywords such as "map of English and Dutch explorers." This will bring up a list of relevant results, including websites, images, and other resources that may have the information you are looking for.

You can also try searching on specific websites that specialize in historical maps or exploration resources. These websites often provide detailed maps and information about famous explorers from different countries and time periods.

Remember to be specific in your search and include any particular regions, time periods, or types of exploration (such as maritime or colonial) that you are interested in.

By using these search techniques, you should be able to find a map of English and Dutch explorers that meets your needs.

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