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the problem is... I don't know what to measure/look for if we want to calculate deflection. From doing this project, we are to define what deflection is.

As I understand your problem, you are putting a force on a horizontal cantilever. Measure the deflection of the cantilever at the point the force acts on. Deflection is the distance moved.

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8 months ago

To calculate deflection, you would typically need to measure the displacement or distance moved by an object under a load or force. In the case of a horizontal cantilever, you can measure the deflection at the point where the force is being applied.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to measure deflection in this scenario:

1. Set up your cantilever: Prepare a horizontal cantilever by fixing one end securely while allowing the other end to be free or unsupported.

2. Apply the force: Apply a specific force or load at a designated point on the cantilever.

3. Measure the initial position: Use a measuring device, such as a ruler or displacement sensor, to determine the initial position or reference point where the force is being applied.

4. Apply the force and measure the deflection: Increase the force gradually and simultaneously measure the displacement or deflection of the cantilever at the point of application. This can be done by tracking the movement of a specific point on the cantilever or by using a suitable tool to measure the distance between the initial and final positions.

5. Record the data: Record the force applied and the corresponding deflection at each interval or increment of force.

6. Analyze the data: Plot a graph of the force against the deflection measurements. This will allow you to observe the relationship between the applied force and resulting deflection. Depending on the nature of the materials and the cantilever, you may need to consider factors such as elasticity, rigidity, and material properties to understand the relationship more effectively.

By following these steps, you should be able to measure and understand the deflection of a horizontal cantilever when subjected to a specific force or load.

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