Count Iblis how do you simplify 3square root sign with this underneath (3x squared y) to the third power?

"3 square root sign" probably means "cube root", in which case

[(3 x^2y)^3]^(1/3) = 3 x^2 y

The cube root of any quantity x can be written x^(1/3)

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8 months ago

To simplify the expression 3√((3x^2y)^3), you need to apply the rules of exponentiation and radicals.

First, raise the quantity inside the parentheses to the power of 3:

(3x^2y)^3 = 27x^6y^3

Next, take the cube root of the result:

∛(27x^6y^3) = ∛(3^3 * (x^2)^3 * (y^3)^1)

Now, simplify each term inside the cube root:

∛(27x^6y^3) = ∛(27) * ∛(x^6) * ∛(y^3)

The cube root of 27 is 3, the cube root of x^6 is x^2, and the cube root of y^3 is y.

Therefore, the simplified expression becomes:

3 * x^2 * y = 3x^2y

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