I am to measure the deflection by contructing a post and lintel system using the dowels I have (with different diameters, which will be my variables). This is a system to measure the deflection under a load. I want to create a chart to present my results, but I don't know what I need to measure or what to look for.

Please help me. Thanks!

Measure deflection at some point on the horizonal beam.

Plot deflection vs diameter

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8 months ago

To measure the deflection of your post and lintel system using dowels, you can follow these steps:

1. Construct your post and lintel system: Determine the dimensions and materials for your system, such as the lengths of the horizontal beam (lintel) and vertical supports (posts). Set up the system by securely attaching the dowels of various diameters as lintel.

2. Apply a load: Apply a load to the system by placing weights or other objects on the lintel at a specific point. Make sure to keep the load consistent for each measurement.

3. Measure deflection: Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the deflection at a specific point on the horizontal beam (lintel) under the applied load. You can choose any convenient point to measure the deflection, such as the midpoint or any other easily recognizable point.

4. Record the measurements: Record the deflection measurements corresponding to each dowel diameter. Note down the diameter of the dowel used for each measurement.

5. Create a chart: Once you have collected the necessary data, you can create a chart to present your results. In this case, you want to plot deflection on the y-axis and dowel diameter on the x-axis. Each data point on the chart will represent the deflection measurement with a specific dowel diameter.

6. Analyze the data: Analyze the chart to observe any trends or patterns in the data. Look for relationships between the dowel diameter and the deflection, such as higher deflection with larger diameters or vice versa.

By following these steps, you will be able to measure the deflection of your post and lintel system using dowels and create a chart to visualize and present your results.

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