Write half page for each topic.

What do you feel about? or something you wish to know or learned ? in college about?
1. Test preperation.
2. Faculty expectaton.

I am uncertain what you want here. We will be happy to critique your writing.

What do you feel about -
Choose something you feel very strongly about...(ideas) classes separated boys and girls, stronger environmental controls, PE should be required. Then state your proposition; give a brief history of the problem; explain how you think the change could be accomplished;as a conclusion what positive results would occur.

Something you want to learn?
What have you always had an itch to know but have never had the opportunity to find out.
Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to fix a car; maybe it is rock climbing; it might even be writing music. Write about why you want to know ; what you might do with that information, and how it might change your life.

Please make sure you post a question only once.

1. Test Preparation:

In college, test preparation is a crucial aspect of academic success. Personally, I feel that effective test preparation is not only about memorizing information but also about developing comprehensive understanding and critical thinking skills. To excel in tests, it is important to employ a strategic approach and utilize various resources available.

To prepare for tests, I recommend the following steps:

1. Start early: Begin studying well in advance of the test date to allow sufficient time for thorough review and comprehension.

2. Understand the material: Instead of just memorizing facts, make an effort to truly understand the concepts. Connect new information with previously learned material to enhance retention and comprehension.

3. Organize study materials: Create an organized study plan, break down the content into manageable chunks, and create a schedule to cover all topics adequately.

4. Utilize different resources: Besides textbooks and lecture notes, incorporate supplementary resources such as online tutorials, videos, practice exams, and study groups. These resources can provide different perspectives and help reinforce understanding.

5. Practice, practice, practice: Regularly test yourself with practice questions and exams to gauge your progress and identify areas that require further review.

6. Seek clarification: If you have any questions or doubts, don't hesitate to seek help from your professors or teaching assistants. They can provide valuable insights and clarification.

By following these steps, you will be better equipped to face tests confidently and achieve better results.

2. Faculty Expectations:
Understanding faculty expectations is paramount for success in college. Each professor may have unique requirements and assessment criteria. Personally, I believe that being aware of these expectations can help students meet them and excel in their coursework.

To understand faculty expectations, try the following:

1. Attend class regularly: Attend all lectures, discussions, and any additional sessions. This will help you comprehend the material and gain insights into the professor's teaching style.

2. Review the syllabus: Carefully read the course syllabus to understand the objectives, assignments, grading criteria, and due dates. Pay close attention to the expectations outlined by the professor.

3. Take notes and ask questions: Actively listen during lectures and take comprehensive notes. If you have any doubts or need clarification, don't hesitate to ask questions during class or during office hours. Doing so will demonstrate your commitment and show that you are engaged in the material.

4. Participate in discussions: Engage in class discussions and contribute thoughtfully. This showcases your active involvement and demonstrates that you understand and are applying the concepts being taught.

5. Meet deadlines and follow instructions: Ensure that you submit assignments on time and follow the instructions provided by the professor. Pay attention to formatting, citation styles, and any specific requirements stated in the assignment guidelines.

6. Seek feedback: If you have received feedback on your assignments or exams, review it thoroughly and use it constructively to improve your future work. If necessary, reach out to the professor for further clarification or guidance.

By aligning your efforts with the expectations of the faculty, you will create a positive learning environment, enhance your academic performance, and develop a productive relationship with your professors.