hi i am looking for geologically relevant song lyrics or poetry published after 1990. i realllly need to find this any help i would appreciate so much!!!

thank you.

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8 months ago

To find geologically relevant song lyrics or poetry published after 1990, you can try the following steps:

1. Start by using search engines like Google or Bing. Enter keywords related to geology, such as "geology song lyrics," "geology poetry," or more specific terms like "earthquake song lyrics" or "volcano poetry."

2. Explore websites dedicated to geology, science education, or earth sciences. Some websites may have sections or media files containing geology-related songs or poetry. You can try the websites you mentioned in your question, such as http://www.exploratorium.edu/faultline/activezone/media.html or http://www.twin-music.com/lyrics_file/srv/flood/texas.html. However, keep in mind that the links provided might be outdated or broken, so it's a good practice to try your own search.

3. Utilize online platforms like music streaming services or lyric databases. Sites like Spotify, Apple Music, or even YouTube can be helpful for finding songs related to geology. On these platforms, search using keywords like "geology," "earth," "tectonic," or the names of specific geological events or features.

4. Join geology or science enthusiast forums, groups, or social media communities. Engaging with like-minded individuals will help you discover songs or poetry from various sources and personal recommendations.

5. Consult geological textbooks, scientific publications, or academic papers. While they may not provide song lyrics or poetry directly, they might reference or discuss artistic works related to geology that you can explore.

Remember that the terminology used for geology can vary. So, don't limit your search to specific terms only. Also, consider expanding your search to include works published before 1990, as they might still be relevant and interesting to you.

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