I am to measure the deflection by contructing a post and lintel system using the dowels I have (with different diameters, which will be my variables). I want to create a chart to present my results, but I don't know what I need to measure or what to look for.

Please help me. Thanks!

Please describe what you will doing. Is this a system to measure deflection under a load?

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8 months ago

Yes, in this case, you will be measuring the deflection of a post and lintel system that you will construct using dowels of different diameters. The post and lintel system is a simple architectural construction where a horizontal lintel (the top beam) is supported by two vertical posts.

To measure the deflection, you will need to apply a load or force to the lintel and then measure how much it bends or deflects. Here are the steps you can follow to conduct your experiment and create a chart to present your results:

1. Set up your experiment: Start by gathering the dowels of different diameters and cut them to the desired length for the lintel. You will also need two dowels for the posts. Make sure all the dowels are the same length.

2. Construct the post and lintel system: Use the two dowels as the vertical posts and attach the lintel horizontally on top of them. You can secure the lintel to the posts using glue, tape, or any other appropriate method.

3. Prepare for measurements: Before applying any load, measure and record the initial position of the lintel. This will serve as your reference point. You can measure the height or the distance between the lintel and a fixed reference point on the posts.

4. Apply the load: Now, you need to add weight or force to the lintel to create a load. You can use objects like books, weights, or any other heavy objects. Start with a small load and gradually increase it.

5. Measure the deflection: As you apply the load, observe and measure the deflection of the lintel from its initial position. You can measure the deflection by using a ruler or a measuring tape to determine the distance between the lintel and the reference point on the posts.

6. Record your measurements: For each load level, record the deflection measurement. Make sure to note the diameter of the dowel used for that trial as well. This data will be used to create your chart.

7. Repeat the process: Repeat steps 4-6 for each dowel diameter you want to test. Increase the load gradually and take measurements at different load levels to obtain a range of data points.

8. Create a chart: Once you have collected all the measurements, you can create a chart to present your results. Plot the deflection on the y-axis and the dowel diameter on the x-axis. You can use any software or tool like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create the chart.

By following these steps and collecting the necessary measurements, you will be able to present your results in a chart format, showing the relationship between dowel diameter and deflection in your post and lintel system under different loads.

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