"Osric - The foolish courtier who summons Hamlet to his duel with Laertes."

Is it really an "intrusion"? Or is Shakespeare using the character to lure Hamlet into accepting the challenge and fight Laertes?


Why has Shakespeare allowed the “intrusion” by Osric? and it is in
Act Five Scene Two

I don't really know like all he does is brag about Laertes and Hamlet tells him to put his hat on!

thanks Writeacher that does make sense it is not an "intrusion" becuase he serves a purpose in the play!

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8 months ago

In Shakespeare's play "Hamlet," the character of Osric does indeed summon Hamlet to his duel with Laertes. However, it is important to understand that Shakespeare intentionally includes Osric in the play to serve a particular purpose, rather than it being an intrusion.

One possible reason for Shakespeare's inclusion of Osric is to showcase the themes of decadence and artificiality in the court of Elsinore. Osric is portrayed as a foolish and pretentious courtier, boasting about Laertes' abilities and attempting to impress Hamlet with his own exaggerated manners. This character serves as a symbol of the superficiality and excesses present in the upper echelons of society.

Additionally, Osric's role in luring Hamlet into accepting the challenge and fighting Laertes can be seen as a dramatic device used by Shakespeare to heighten the tension and advance the plot. By introducing the duel through a character like Osric, Shakespeare adds an element of surprise and excitement, as well as providing an opportunity for Hamlet to confront his enemies directly.

It is worth noting that the inclusion of seemingly minor characters like Osric is a common practice in Shakespeare's plays. These characters often serve as foils or contrasts to the main characters, highlighting their virtues or flaws, and contributing to the overall themes and messages of the play. Therefore, rather than being an intrusion, Osric's presence can be seen as a deliberate choice by Shakespeare to enhance the storytelling and deepen the exploration of the play's themes.

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