Plz help me someone iv been working hard and i can't get this i have not much time to finish this but im doing a projecta nd im looking for greek Myhological allusions in plant names like the narcasis flower or animal names like arachnids get their names form arachne.

I found these just by going though the first section of this site.

Achillea: named for Achilles, who supposedly used plants of the genus to staunch the wounds of his soldiers at the siege of Troy (ref. genus Achillea

Achlys: after a minor Greek goddess, the Goddess of hidden places or obscurity, perhaps alluding to the woodland habitat

Adonis: Stearn's Dictionary of Plant Names says: " The flower is supposed to have sprung from the blood of Adonis who was gored to death by a wild boar. He was beloved of Aphrodite

ajacis: after Ajax, the Greek hero who committed suicide during the siege of Troy

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8 months ago

It seems like you're looking for Greek mythological allusions in plant and animal names. That's a fascinating topic! I can see that you've already found some examples on the website you shared. To find more examples, you can continue exploring the sections of the website or use other resources such as botanical dictionaries and databases.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you find additional examples:

1. Start by searching for botanical dictionaries or encyclopedias related to plant names or Greek mythology. You can do this by using search engines and looking for terms like "botanical dictionary," "plant name encyclopedia," or "Greek mythological plant names."

2. Explore the resources you find and look for entries or sections specifically dedicated to Greek mythological allusions in plant and animal names. These entries often provide explanations and descriptions of how each name is derived from Greek mythology.

3. Take note of the plant and animal names mentioned and their corresponding mythological references. Some names may directly reference a specific mythological figure, creature, or event, while others may allude to broader concepts or stories from Greek mythology.

4. As you find more examples, consider categorizing them based on the type of allusion (e.g., plants named after gods/goddesses, heroes, creatures, etc.) to organize your research.

5. If needed, you can also consult academic papers, articles, or books related to the subject. These sources may provide more in-depth information and analysis of mythological allusions in plant and animal names.

Remember, the website you initially shared is a good starting point, but exploring additional resources will help you find a wider range of examples. Good luck with your project!

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