what is mutaualism? how has it affected the existence of clown fish and sea anemone?

I think mutualism is where two species live in an ecosystem where they interact with each other and one gains something from the other like a bug cleaning a animal and in return the bug is gaining food.

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i need an example of mutualism

Mutualism is a relationship between two animals were nither is harmed and they both benifit, for example a cirten type of bird will clean all the extra meat out of a crocidales moth and in exchange the bird gets a meal.

A classic example of mutualism is the relationship between clownfish and sea anemone. Clownfish live within the tentacles of sea anemones, where they find protection from predators. The anemone provides shelter for the clownfish by providing them a safe place to hide. In return, the clownfish drive away polyp-eating species, and also bring food to the anemone.

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