What were two important trade goods in west Africa during The Middle Kingdom

Slaves were traded with European countries and with the Americas. Salt was an important trade item inside Africa.

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16 years ago

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7 months ago

During the Middle Kingdom, there were two important trade goods in West Africa: slaves and salt.

To find this information, the first step is to search for reliable historical sources about the Middle Kingdom in West Africa. These sources might include books, articles, or reputable websites focused on African history.

Once you have found a credible source, you can begin reading about the Middle Kingdom and its trade goods. Look for sections or paragraphs that discuss the goods that were commonly traded during that time period.

In this case, you would find that slaves were a significant trade commodity between West Africa, European countries, and the Americas during the Middle Kingdom. The Atlantic slave trade involving African slaves was prevalent at this time.

Additionally, you would discover that salt was another important trade good in West Africa during that period. Salt was in high demand for food preservation, seasoning, and as a valuable commodity.

By researching and using reliable historical sources, you can gain accurate information on the trade goods of the Middle Kingdom in West Africa, such as slaves and salt.

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