the temperature at Kent is -7 degrees and increasing at 2.5 degrees per hour. The temperatire at row is 19 degrees decreasing at 4 degrees per hour. When will they be the same? and what temperatore?

let t = hours running time.
-7+2.5t = temperature at Kent at time t.
19-4.0t = temperature at row at time t.

Set them equal to each other and solve for t which will be the number of hours for the two temperatures to be the same.

Then use t and either equation to determine the final temperature.

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8 months ago

To find when the temperatures at Kent and Row will be the same, we can set the equations for the temperatures at each location equal to each other:

-7 + 2.5t = 19 - 4t

Now, let's solve this equation for t:

-7 + 2.5t = 19 - 4t

Combining like terms, we get:

6.5t = 26

Dividing both sides by 6.5, we find:

t = 4

Therefore, it will take 4 hours for the temperatures at Kent and Row to be the same.

To determine the final temperature when they are the same, we can substitute t=4 back into either equation. Let's use the equation for the temperature at Kent:

temperature at Kent = -7 + 2.5t

temperature at Kent = -7 + 2.5(4)

temperature at Kent = -7 + 10

temperature at Kent = 3

So, when the temperatures at Kent and Row are the same, the temperature will be 3 degrees.

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