what is 10,000lb=_____T

5 tons, since there are 2000 lb per ton.

As a follow through to the other post I did for you (cups to pints), note
tons=10,000 lbs x factor
tons = 10,000 lbs x (1 ton/2,000 lb)=
5 tons. Note again, how the lbs (the unit we want to lose) is gone and the unit we want for the answer (tons) stays for the answer to be 5 tons.

To convert 10,000 pounds (lb) to tons (T), you can use the conversion factor that there are 2,000 pounds in one ton.

So the conversion formula would be:
Tons = Pounds / 2,000

Plugging in the given value of 10,000 pounds:
Tons = 10,000 lb / 2,000

This calculation results in 5 tons. Therefore, 10,000 pounds is equivalent to 5 tons.