CHapter 2:

Why do you think the beastir comes to dominant the meeting? What does it symbolize?

Please help me out on this one. I cant figure it out and its so frusterating!
Thank you so much!

I have never read this book. If no one else has, please check it out at

Also, you would need to clarify, just in case someone else here has read this book: "beastir" means what? And do you mean "dominate" (the verb form)? And what is "it"?


Sry..spelling mistake..
Why does the beastie come to dominate the meeting? What does the beastie symbolize?

it symbolizes the fear of the boys, or the unknown, really it's your opinion, so take it easy :).

ok great thanks =)
Now why does it come to dominate the meeting?

It comes to dominate the meetings for the same reason that many US policies are being made for fear of terrorism.

What frightens people seems much more important to them than other things.

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8 months ago

In the context of the story, the beastie represents the boys' fear of the unknown and their primal instincts. As the story progresses, the fear of the beastie grows and starts to dominate their thoughts and actions.

The beastie's dominance over the meetings can be seen as a reflection of how fear can overpower rational thinking and decision-making. When the boys gather in the meetings, their discussions become increasingly focused on the beastie and how to confront or appease it. This fear takes precedence over other important matters, such as organizing themselves, finding food, or establishing rules.

The dominance of the beastie in the meetings highlights the impact fear can have on individuals and groups. It shows how fear can distort priorities and lead to chaos and conflict.

To delve deeper into this topic and gain a more comprehensive understanding, it would be advisable to read the relevant chapters of the book and analyze the characters' thoughts, actions, and interactions in relation to the beastie.

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