what gift from the 1970 christmas book gave new meaning to bathroom oasis

To find out what gift from the 1970 Christmas book gave new meaning to a bathroom oasis, you can try the following steps:

1. Start by conducting an online search for "1970 Christmas gift catalog" or "1970 Christmas book."
2. Look for websites or resources that have scanned or reproduced pages from Christmas catalogs or books from that era.
3. Browse through the pages or search within the catalog for sections relating to bathroom-related gifts or gadgets.
4. Pay attention to any descriptions, images, or product names that mention a unique or innovative bathroom-related gift.
5. As you explore the catalog or book, keep an eye out for any references to a specific gift that could potentially fit the description of transforming a bathroom into an oasis.
6. Once you find a gift that matches the criteria, read through its description or study its image to confirm if it truly gave new meaning to a bathroom oasis.

By following these steps and doing a bit of research within vintage catalogs or books from the 1970s, you should be able to find the specific gift that you are curious about.