What grant would you want if you were doing a community service project and are a non-profit organization??

I am confused..

By the way we want to deliver Stuffed Animals to children in the hospital...


You can find out all kinds of information about grants at this website. In addition, check with your local library for information on local and/or private grants that might be worth your time.


When looking for a grant for your community service project as a non-profit organization, you would want to focus on grants that support initiatives in the area of public health, child welfare, or programs that benefit children and hospitals. In this case, delivering stuffed animals to children in hospitals would fall under the category of child welfare or healthcare.

To find a suitable grant, you can start by visiting the website grants.gov. This is a comprehensive database of grants offered by various government agencies. Once on the website, you can search for grants using keywords related to your project, such as "child welfare" or "hospital programs." The search results will provide you with a list of grants relevant to your cause, including their descriptions, eligibility criteria, and application deadlines.

In addition to grants.gov, you can also consider reaching out to your local library for information on local and private grants that may be available. Many communities and organizations have their own grant programs to support non-profit projects in the area. Your library should be able to provide you with resources and guidance for finding these grants.

Remember to carefully read the eligibility requirements and application instructions for each grant you consider applying to. It's important to tailor your application to the specific goals and guidelines of each grant program to increase your chances of success. Good luck with your community service project!