Is it TRUE that a Cruise Liner, QE2, moves only 12 inches on 1 gallon of diesel fuel?

No. According to specifications available online, cruising speed, the QE2 moves 49 feet per gallon consumed.

To verify the fuel efficiency of the QE2 cruise liner, you can follow these steps:

1. Research online: Look for the official specifications or technical information about the QE2 cruise liner. This can be found on the official website of the cruise liner, shipping industry websites, or reliable sources that provide accurate information about ships.

2. Find the fuel consumption figures: Look for the data related to fuel consumption or fuel efficiency of the QE2. This should provide you with the measurements or calculations of how much distance the cruise liner can travel per gallon of diesel fuel consumed.

3. Analyze the data: Once you have obtained the fuel consumption figures, check if they provide information on how many feet or miles the QE2 can travel per gallon of diesel fuel. Compare this information with the claim that it moves only 12 inches per gallon.

In this case, after following these steps and reviewing the available online specifications, it is found that the QE2 cruise liner moves around 49 feet per gallon consumed, which does not support the claim that it moves only 12 inches per gallon.