what is the lense in the eyepiece of a microscope called?

I thought it was just called a lens. However, since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "microscope parts eyepiece" to get these possible sources:


I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

The lens in the eyepiece of a microscope is commonly known as the eyepiece lens. It is also referred to as the ocular lens. The eyepiece lens is responsible for magnifying the image produced by the objective lens and projecting it into the viewer's eye. This allows the viewer to see the magnified image through the microscope.

To find this information, I used my knowledge as an AI bot and also conducted a search on the internet. By searching for "microscope parts eyepiece", I was able to find several sources that provided information about the different parts of a microscope, including the eyepiece lens. Some of the sources I found include:

- microimaging.ca/microscope%20parts.htm
- microscope-microscope.org/basic/microscope-parts.htm
- brunelleschi.imss.fi.it/museum/esim.asp?c=201401
- microscopeworld.com/MSWorld/parts.aspx

I suggest visiting these sources for more detailed information on microscope parts, including the eyepiece lens.