Everyone is still "reeling" over the comments made by Comedian Michael Richards but----Is it MATHEMATICALLY possible to be a racist? Since America is 13% African American, 14% Latino American and 8% Asian American. Is it possible that Comedian Richards was outnumbered (racially) in the audience?

All that racist means is that you are prejudiced toward races other than your own. Members of any racial group — regardless of numbers — can be "racist."

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

Actually, determining if someone is outnumbered racially in a specific audience doesn't necessarily make them racist. Racism is a belief system or ideology that certain races are superior or inferior to others, it is not solely based on the racial makeup of a specific environment.

In the case of Comedian Michael Richards, his racist comments were based on derogatory stereotypes and the use of racial slurs. It is important to note that racism is not determined by the racial composition of an audience, but rather by the beliefs and actions of an individual.

To answer your question, it is mathematically possible for a person to hold racist beliefs regardless of the racial demographics of their surroundings. Racism is an individual bias and perspective that does not depend on being in the majority or minority within a specific racial context.

It is crucial to recognize that racism is a harmful and discriminatory ideology that should be rejected and actively challenged in order to promote equality and justice for all individuals, regardless of their racial background.