In Julius Caesar, what is there about Caesar that attracts such a strong following?

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Also, from history, we know that Caesar was an immensely successful leader of armies. The Roman people loved him when he came back, having conquered Gaul (now known as France) and Britain, among other places.
Read especially from 58 BCE onward.


Caesar's strong following in Julius Caesar can be attributed to several factors. One of the primary reasons is his success as a military leader. According to historical accounts, Caesar was known for his victorious military campaigns, particularly his conquest of Gaul (now known as France) and Britain. The Roman people greatly admired him for his military prowess, which earned him the reputation of a successful and skilled general.

Furthermore, Caesar was regarded as a charismatic and influential figure. He possessed exceptional leadership qualities and was known for his ability to inspire and captivate others. Caesar's powerful presence and persuasive oratory skills made him a compelling force, attracting many followers who were drawn to his charm and charisma.

To gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind Caesar's strong following in Julius Caesar, you can refer to character analyses available on websites like SparkNotes ( Additionally, exploring historical references and accounts, such as the writings on Caesar's military accomplishments, can provide valuable insights into why he had such a devoted following. The History of Rome website ( offers information on Caesar's conquests and the admiration he received from the Roman people.